Main Goal:To pursue my dream of playing professional golf and obtaining my LPGA card.  

Mental: I will be continuing to working with my mental coach on a regular basis, working on the thought processes. Teaching my brain how to think in the most beneficial way on and off the golf course to better myself especially in golf. We work on focus, confidence, and consistency. Mentally my goal is to be as strong mentally as possible and I will achieve this by continuing to work with Jeff and better my mental skills.  

Swing:  I will be continuing to work with my coach on my swing and fine toning my skills. We not only work on my skills but we also work on the game, we have playing lessons where we are able to take what we have been working on to the course. He then helps imply my sessions with my mental coach to the course and playing. With my swing I am working on my tempo and keeping the clubface closed at impact. I am constantly working to improve my consistency.

Strength and Conditioning: I will be continuing to workout with a trainer, which consists of a 45-minute circuit. It implies cardio, weight training and flexibility. I am able to get a full body workout that is challenging to help better my golf and health. My goal is to stay fit and continue to get stronger.  I also do yoga 4-5 times a week. Yoga challenges me to be stronger mentally and physically. 

Actions I am going to continue to accomplish my goals:

I am going to continue to be aware of how and what I am doing.

To use my time effectively (quality vs. quantity)

Continue to work with my coaches

Take advantage of my resources and facilities

What's In the Bag?

Driver Ping G 10 degree

3 Wood Callaway

4 Hybrid TaylorMade SLDR

4 iron - Pitching Wedge TaylorMade Tour Preferred

Wedges 50, 54, 60 degree TaylorMade

Putter TaylorMade

S- Specific (or Significant)

M-Measurable (or Meaningful)

A - Attainable (or Action-Oriented)

R- Relevant (or Rewarding)

T- Time-bound (or Track-able)

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​​​Fun Facts 

Anna DePalma

​Age: 26 Years old

Birthday: October 7, 1991

Hometown:San Clemente, Ca

College:University Of Iowa (GO HAWKS)

Favorite Color:Pink

Turned Pro: 2015

Siblings:Younger brother Matthew; Dog Mia

Favorite foods: Italian, Mexican, Sushi

Weird fact: Hate my food mixing together

Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, shopping, tanning, fitness (yoga), reading

Guilty pleasure: French Fries 

Favorite Club in the Bag: Driver